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Nolensville Drone Production is made up of multiple people from, who specialize in professional aerial photography, events, FPV, inspections, live aerial broadcast, and aerial video production. Our team has logged over 3000 flights around Middle Tennessee. We have won three local awards in past two years.

Our Team is made up of individual freelancers who come together for larger production shoots. Below are each one of our team members IG accounts. 


Bobby Blevins- Owner & Creative Director has seven national award wins

Ryan Graham - @mrgmedia_ - Is the creative director for

Chris Smith- @anbdrones - Owns Above & Beyond Drones

Luke Best- @Lukebest_21 - 2024 Intern/PA - Starting Best Media Productions

We want to thank past members for their contributions:

Madison Spraker- @fadedmothwings & works now for Fox News Nashville

Our secondary official logo for use
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